Hello Southlanders, it's been a while since we posted our last blog. As many of you already know, ICANN is in the process of reviewing applications for over 1,900 new top level domains (TLDs). Hard to believe that almost 5 years after ICANN approved the idea of introducing new TLDs, we are still waiting to see them introduced into the market. New TLDs are expected to be released as early as the second half of this year.

We've been waiting patiently as we know .LA will benefit from the introduction of new City TLDs like .NYC, .PARIS, .TOKYO, .LONDON, .BERLIN, .ETC. Some individuals/businesses are concerned that this will fragment the Internet as we know it today. We disagree with this paranoia. From our perspective, having a presence on the Internet at the local level will take a big step forward with the introduction of City TLDs.

That's why we've been investing in the .LA domain space for almost ten years waiting for the concept of City TLDs to take root on the Internet. That's a decade which, as you know, is a very long time in the HiTech industry.

We've assembled essentially all of the city names on .LA for a future ecosystem that will be beyond compare of any other domain space including the new City TLDs. That's over 200 city names on .LA with other premium domains in this space such as IM.LA, MOVIES.LA, FASHIONS.LA, CELEBS.LA, MOBILE.LA, etc. Imagine such an ecosystem that's tied to the entertainment capitol of the world.

Over the next several months, we'll be looking for a partner who shares this vision. Till then, stay tuned for status updates on .LA and the new City TLDs.

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